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Found this video piece from evening magazine 2011 which featured Bill Holloman


  • Feb16 It would be rather inaparstionil to have men like these visit some of the inner city schools and give talks with the students and faculty alike. So much of our Black History has not been told truthfully to younger generations. To hear of historical events from someone who was right in the thick of it all could be so much more inspiring than having to read about it from a doctored history text book. And then to have these talks recorded for posterity would be an added benefit for all. that’s just my view

    • a lot for the American people but I ecpxet it also says a lot for the state of the world right now. But that’s when you need leaders to stand up as well.You remember we saw Spielberg there? You wouldn’t have believed the scenes from the National Mall if they’d been in one of his movies! But they were real just incredible scenes.BD I can’t remember ever seeing crowds like that either. I remember there were huge crowds for Reagan in Europe, and Kennedy attracted some large crowds, but nothing like this. The only thing that might compare is the wedding of Charles and Diana but I don’t think even that was more than a million people and they were spread out to see so many people gathered together in one place was just incredible.I hope Obama does well but I have a few nagging doubts as well he made so many promises during the election that the cynic in me just can’t see him living up to all of them. But I think so far he’s handling himself well and I’m hopeful, more so than I’ve been in a long time. I guess I’ve got swept up in it as well. I’ll try to sleep! I’m getting quite used to power naps, though. They worked for Winston Churchill.

    • Muse I wouldn’t have misesd this for the world, so I was probably lucky that I was wide-awake; at least I didn’t have to set an alarm like some of the other Aussies who stayed up! It started at about 4:00 am here and it was one of the few times our news channels crossed to yours, so we got to see exactly what America was seeing. It really was amazing to share in that, one of millions of people it’s something I’ll never forget.Interesting that you noticed the Tuskegee Airmen too. I only saw them a couple of times but it was so moving that they were there that it really stuck in my mind. It must have been the most overwhelming experience; the embodiment of a dream, tinged with sadness by the memory of friends who never saw it come true I actually read of with several of them after the inauguration where they talk about it. Their story is still so inspiring.The election has been fascinating and sets an example for the whole world to follow. Let’s hope people can come together and that the message continues in the months ahead.

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